Heat Pump Product Information

Climate Change offers a select range of quality heat pump products from trusted manufacturer Daikin.

We have the experience and expertise to recommend and install the right make and model for your specific room requirements and intended level of use.

With careful selection, a properly-installed heat pump can cover all of your heating requirements, as well as keeping you cool in summer.

Using a heat pump as your primary heating / cooling source offers a range of advantages, including:

There are a number of different unit types available, each of which offers its own strengths:

High Wall Heat Pump Units

Increasingly common around New Zealand, high-wall units are a simple and effective heating and cooling solution that don't take up any space in your living areas, and operate quietly.

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Multi-Systems Heat Pumps

A heat pump multi-system can run up to 4 indoor units from a single outdoor unit. The indoor units used can be of a wide variety, making it easy to select the indoor model that best suits each individual room.

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Floor Heat Pump Units

Ideal for electric heater or fireplace replacement, floor units can be mounted into wall or floor recesses, where possible, for minimal profile.

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Ceiling Heat Pump Units

Ceiling-mounted units are perfect for rooms or offices with larger floor areas. As with high wall units, they take up no room space but also offer four-directional air flow.

Concealed Ceiling Heat Pump Units (Ducted)

These versatile units are suitable for commercial applications as well as use in homes. Mounted unseen in your ceiling or roof space, with only the air grills visible, ducts carry the warm or cool air to any of the rooms in your building you desire.

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Talk to Climate Change if you are after a new heat pump, or want to upgrade your existing unit.